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PySpark | Cookbook


  • The Blaze Ecosystem (Blaze)
  • Dask: Flexible library for parallel computing in Python.
  • DataShape: Data layout language for array programming. 
  • Odo: Shapeshifting for your data
    It efficiently migrates data from the source to the target through a network of conversions.

Reading Textfiles

from pyspark.sql import SparkSession

spark = SparkSession \
    .builder \
    .appName("Demo") \
    .config("spark.demo.config.option", "demo-value") \

df ="input.csv",header=True,sep="|");
from pyspark import SparkContext
from pyspark.sql import SQLContext
import pandas as pd

sc = SparkContext('local','example') 
sql_sc = SQLContext(sc)

p_df= pd.read_csv('file.csv')  # assuming the file contains a header
# p_df = pd.read_csv('file.csv', names = ['column 1','column 2']) # if no header
s_df = sql_sc.createDataFrame(pandas_df)
sc.textFile("file.csv") \
    .map(lambda line: line.split(",")) \
    .filter(lambda line: len(line)>1) \
    .map(lambda line: (line[0],line[1])) \
sc.textFile("input.csv") \
    .map(lambda line: line.split(",")) \
    .filter(lambda line: len(line)<=1) \
    "input.csv", header=True, mode="DROPMALFORMED", schema=schema
    .option("header", "true")
    .option("mode", "DROPMALFORMED")

Read CSV file with known structure

from pyspark.sql.types import StructType, StructField
from pyspark.sql.types import DoubleType, IntegerType, StringType

schema = StructType([
    StructField("A", IntegerType()),
    StructField("B", DoubleType()),
    StructField("C", StringType())

    .option("header", "true")
    .option("mode", "DROPMALFORMED")

Apache Spark | Getting started

Apache Spark is a lightning-fast cluster computing designed for fast computation. It was built on top of Hadoop MapReduce and it extends the MapReduce model to efficiently use more types of computations which includes Interactive Queries and Stream Processing.

This is an extract from this brief tutorial that explains the basics of Spark Core programming.

Environment / Requirements

Installation on Mac OS X

Check or install java

$ java -version
java version "12.0.1" 2019-04-16
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 12.0.1+12)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 12.0.1+12, mixed mode, sharing)

Check or install Scala

$ brew install scala
$ scala -version
Scala code runner version 2.13.0 -- Copyright 2002-2019, LAMP/EPFL and Lightbend, Inc.

Check or install Apache Spark

Setup environment in .bashrc

export PATH="$PATH:$SPARK_HOME/bin"

Installation on Ubuntu

Prepate Upuntu

apt update
apt upgrade
 apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk
 java -version

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