Podman | Getting Started


Take alook at the Podman Website

❯ brew install podman
❯ brew machine init
❯ podman machine start

Starting machine “podman-machine-default” Waiting for VM … Mounting volume… /Users:/Users Mounting volume… /private:/private Mounting volume… /var/folders:/var/folders

This machine is currently configured in rootless mode. If your containers require root permissions (e.g. ports < 1024), or if you run into compatibility issues with non-podman clients, you can switch using the following command:

podman machine set --rootful

API forwarding listening on: /Users/Shared/CLOUD/Programmier-Workshops/Kurse/Haskell/.podman/podman.sock

The system helper service is not installed; the default Docker API socket address can’t be used by podman. If you would like to install it run the following commands:

sudo /usr/local/Cellar/podman/4.4.2/bin/podman-mac-helper install
podman machine stop; podman machine start

You can still connect Docker API clients by setting DOCKER_HOST using the following command in your terminal session:

export DOCKER_HOST='unix:///Users/Shared/CLOUD/Programmier-Workshops/Kurse/Haskell/.podman/podman.sock'

Machine “podman-machine-default” started successfully