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Azure | Working with Widgets


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Define needed moduls and functions

from datetime import datetime

import pyspark.sql.functions as F

Create DataFrame for this post:

df = spark.sql("select * from diamonds")

Working with Widgets

Default Widgets


dbutils.widgets.text("W1", "1", "Text")
dbutils.widgets.combobox("W2", "3", [str(x) for x in range(1, 10)], "Combobox")
dbutils.widgets.dropdown("W3", "4", [str(x) for x in range(1, 10)], "Dropdown")

Multiselect Widgets

list = [ f"Square of {x} is {x*x}" for x in range(1, 10)]
dbutils.widgets.multiselect("W4", list[0], list, "Multi-Select")

Monitor the changes when selection values

print("Selection: ", dbutils.widgets.get("W4"))
print("Current Time =","%H:%M:%S"))

Filter Query by widgets

Prepare widgets


df = spark.sql("select * from diamonds")

vals = [ str(x[0]) for x in"cut").orderBy("cut").distinct().collect() ]
dbutils.widgets.dropdown("Cuts", vals[0], vals)

vals = [ str(x[0]) for x in"carat").orderBy("carat").distinct().collect() ]
dbutils.widgets.dropdown("Carat", vals[0], vals)

Now, change some values

filter_cut = dbutils.widgets.get("Cuts")
df=spark.sql(f"select * from diamonds where cut='{filter_cut}'").show()

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